Why Kerala is the ideal holiday destination for India newbies

24 June 2015
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India is a country that bears endless exploration. There is a fascinating mix of languages, ethnicities, religions, and cultures all within one democracy that makes India a country like no other in the world. But on a first visit to the country, India can feel overwhelming to say the least. It is not uncommon to be faced with crippling poverty, to stay at hotels that don't have the same amenities as Western hotels, and in some places, few people will speak English.

There is absolutely no harm in starting a trip to India in a place that is a bit easier for newbies to the country, and Kerala, a state in the south of the country, is that place. Here are a few reasons why Kerala is where you should take your next trip:

Less poverty. In the state of Kerala, there is a lower poverty rate compared with the national average of 31.4%, is very impressive. When travelling in northern areas such as Delhi and the state of Rajasthan, travellers are often confronted face-to-face with poverty. This can be fine for the seasoned traveller, but it can be shocking if you haven't visited a place with an obvious level of poverty. If you feel like this would be difficult for you, Kerala would be a better choice.

English is spoken widely. While the official language of Kerala is Malayalam, a language that is tricky to pick up, English is widely spoken across the whole state, even in rural areas. This is because of the importance that the state places on its education system. Navigating your way around the state using the bus and train system won't be a problem for English speakers.

Incredible sights. It's easy to travel in Kerala, but there is also plenty to see and do. On the coast, visitors can enjoy the golden sand and dramatic cliff faces of Varkala, while the coast also plays host to fascinating port towns like Cochin. A little further in the landscape is dominated by lush greenery and waterways where many tourists choose to stay on houseboats. And further inland still there are incredible tea plantations, ideal for hiking.

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